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About Us

The Hayat family has a long history of trading goods which goes back to 1971 when they traded textiles, commodities and crops all over the world via land and sea. They launched the family haulage business in the mid 1970's which was one of first that delivered goods over land routes from Europe to Asia and all across South America and was successful for over 20 years.


In 2016 the family business evolved into a global sourcing consultancy and in 2016 Hayat Global Sourcing (HGS) began specialising in procuring and exporting medical devices and healthcare equipment for clients in the Middle East and Asia. The team at HGS have a wealth of experience in imports/exports, best practices in procurement processes, contract negotiation and across the years, built distribution partnerships with companies all over the world. 

When the Covid pandemic hit the UK in spring 2020, HGS found themselves in a unique position. Due to their connections with manufacturers and distributors in Turkey and Asia they were able to import critical items of PPE such as face masks, face shields, sanitizers and medical grade gowns.

Over time HGS has developed an experienced team and a vast network of manufacturers across the world, hence they are able to source products and create reliable supply chains for their customers at a time where there is upheaval in global supply chains due to both Covid 19 and the geo political situation.


Some of the companies HGS work with today include:

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