The Hayat family has a long history of trading goods which goes back to 1971 when they traded textiles, commodities and crops all over the world via land and sea. In addition they managed a logistics company that was one of few that delivered goods over land routes from Asia to Europe and all across South America.


Over the years the business has evolved and since 2017 has been mainly focused on sourcing and procuring medical, healthcare, safety and personal protective equipment. The company is run by Burhan Hayat and Rae Harilela. Burhan graduated from the London School of Economics in 2005 with a degree in Economic History. After initially working in the City of London as a Management Consultant he moved into the family business managing real estate development projects and building out Hayat Holdings for importing and exporting. Rae Harilela has 12 years experience as an EMEA Director of Strategic Partnerships for a Management Consultant where she developed; her knowledge in best practice procurement processes and complex contracting skills. Since 2017 They have built distribution partnerships with companies all over the world. 


Some of the companies HGS work with today include: